Arduino Attendance RFID Project


The Arduino Attendance RFID Project revolutionizes attendance management by using RFID technology to detect ID cards and provide real-time feedback based on entry time.

Project Information

The Arduino Attendance RFID Project combines the power of Arduino and RFID technology to revolutionize traditional attendance tracking methods. With an RFID receiver at its core, this project enables seamless detection of ID cards within a specified time period, providing real-time feedback on attendance.

Utilizing the robust capabilities of Arduino, the system processes the captured ID card data and performs attendance checks based on entry time. The user-friendly display integrated into the project promptly indicates the attendance status. If a person arrives on time, the display elegantly showcases the message “You’re welcome,” acknowledging their punctuality. In case of late arrival, the display promptly exhibits the message “You’re late,” serving as a gentle reminder.

The RFID technology ensures fast and accurate attendance tracking, eliminating the need for manual processes that are prone to errors and delays. The Arduino platform offers flexibility, allowing for customization and expansion of the system’s functionalities to meet specific requirements.


Additional Information

Software  : Arduino IDE

Hardware :

  • RFID
  • Display
  • Arduino


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