Digital Code Lock using 8051 Microcontroller


This project presents a guide for constructing a simple electronic code lock using an 8051 microcontroller, enabling secure access through a predefined code and featuring an alert system for incorrect entries, while highlighting previous experience with Arduino-based digital locks.

Project Information

Security holds paramount importance in our everyday lives, and digital locks have emerged as crucial components of modern security systems. Various technologies exist to safeguard our premises, including PIR-based security systems, RFID-based security systems, laser security alarms, and biometric systems. Moreover, digital locks that can be operated through smartphones eliminate the need for multiple keys, allowing a single device to control all the locks, leveraging the concept of Internet of Things (IoT).

In this particular project, we present a comprehensive guide on building a simple electronic code lock using an 8051 microcontroller. This lock can only be unlocked by entering a pre-defined code, triggering a siren or buzzer as an alert if an incorrect code is entered. Additionally, we have previously developed a digital lock using Arduino, further enhancing our expertise in this field.

Additional Information

Language used:- embedded c


  • 8051 Microcontroller (AT89S52)
  • 4X4 Keypad Module
  • Buzzer
  • 16×2 LCD
  • Resistor (1k,10k)
  • Pullup resistor (10K)
  • Capacitor(10uf)
  • Red led
  • Bread board
  • IC 7805
  • 0592 MHz Crystal
  • Power Supply
  • Connecting wires


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