Gas Sensor Reading using Arduino


The Gas Sensor Project incorporates gas sensors to detect specific gases in the air and displays the gas content, facilitating real-time monitoring and ensuring a safe environment.

Project Information

Our Gas Sensor Reading project utilizing Arduino is a comprehensive solution for monitoring and displaying gas content in the air. With the integration of three gas sensors – MG811, MQ9, and 4OXV – alongside Arduino, this project enables real-time gas detection and provides accurate readings for multiple gases.

  • MG811 Sensor: The MG811 sensor excels at detecting carbon dioxide (CO2) gas concentrations
  • MQ9 Sensor: The MQ9 sensor is designed to detect the presence of multiple gases, including carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4), and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
  • 4OXV Sensor (Oxygen Sensor): The 4OXV sensor is an oxygen sensor designed to detect and measure oxygen levels in the air. It plays a vital role in applications where monitoring and controlling oxygen concentrations are critical, such as in medical environments, laboratories, and industrial processes.

Additional Information

Software :Arduino IDE

Hardware :

  • gas sensors- MG811,4OXV,MQ9
  • Arduino
  • LCD screen


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