Heart rate monitor with sms alert


Heart rate monitor with sms alert project uses photoplethysmography and 8051 microcontroller, it accurately detects and communicates your heart rate, ensuring timely intervention for optimal cardiovascular health.

Immerse yourself in the world of advanced healthcare technology with our innovative project—an accurate and convenient heart rate monitor. Designed with the powerful 8051 microcontroller and equipped with a GSM module, this project revolutionizes the way heart rate is monitored and communicated.

Using the principle of photoplethysmography, specifically the IR reflection technique, our heart rate monitor captures heart rate data from the fingertip. By emitting IR waves to the tissue and analyzing the reflected wave using a highly sensitive photo transistor, we can accurately detect the volumetric changes in the tissue caused by each heartbeat.

The collected data is then transformed into a pulse waveform, amplified for clarity, filtered to remove any noise, and squared to enhance its reliability. This refined waveform is then fed to the 8051 microcontroller for precise heart rate calculation. With its advanced processing capabilities, the microcontroller accurately measures the rate of the pulse waveform, providing real-time heart rate readings.

To ensure seamless communication, our heart rate monitor is equipped with a GSM module. This allows the device to send heart rate data as a message to a designated cellphone number. By providing instant updates on heart rate variations, this project enables timely intervention and remote monitoring of the individual’s cardiovascular health.

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Language used:- EMBEDDED C


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