HP1101-DIY Fire Extinguisher Drone | Fire Fighting Drone

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To help in all of the above situations we here propose to design a fire fighting drone that can solve all these problems. The drone allows for easy fire extinguishing without risking life. Also it can access forest areas in an instant which would require hours for fire trucks or humans to arrive at and instantly reach high building windows with fire extinguisher.

Our drone makes use of Foam casing PVC balls with dry chemical agents for extinguishing the fire instantly with a small blast. The system makes use of drones to deliver the fire extinguisher balls into the fire. On coming in contact with fire the balls explode with fire extinguishers to put out the fire.

Our system makes use of 4 x Drone motors coupled with a drone frame controlled by a flight controller to operate the drone in a stable condition. We now use a long range rf remote and receiver pair for transmitting drone control commands to the drone. Also the drone is equipped with a small drone camera for live footage viewing by the user.
We now use an Atmega based circuitry to drive a 3 Arm based gripper structure to hold the ball. The trigger received by the receiver instructs a servo motor to release a gripper arm thus dropping the ball into the fire.

Thus we hereby propose a fire fighting drone to help fire fighters easily and instantly counter fire threats without risking their lives.

New Info

OS: Windows, Linux

Software: Android Studio, Firebase, SQLite

1 review for HP1101-DIY Fire Extinguisher Drone | Fire Fighting Drone

  1. Vipul Bait

    Nice Project

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