Indoor Positioning System using Arduino (MAJOR)


Indoor Positioning System using Arduino: Accurately track and determine the position of individuals within indoor environments using RSSI-based distance measurement.

Project Information

The Indoor Positioning System project leverages Arduino technology to calculate the precise position of a person within an indoor space. Unlike GPS, which struggles to function indoors, this innovative project utilizes four Arduino sensors strategically placed at each corner of the room.

Equipped with RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) capabilities, the system measures the distance between the person’s sensor and each of the four room sensors. By analyzing the RSSI values, the project accurately determines the person’s position within the room and shows it on an android application.

This Indoor Positioning System provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for tracking individuals in indoor environments. It finds applications in various settings, such as hospitals, shopping malls, and warehouses, where knowing the real-time location of individuals is crucial for optimizing operations and enhancing safety protocols.

Additional Information

Hardware :

  • Arduino sensor (5)
  • Wifi module -5


  • Arduino IDE
  • Android studio


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