Library Management system using Arduino and PHP


Streamline your library with our innovative Library Management System, utilizing Arduino and RFID technology to automate book organization and monitor shelf placements accurately.

Project Information

The Library Management System project combines the power of Arduino, RFID technology, and PHP to create a comprehensive solution for accurate book placement and efficient shelf management. This innovative project ensures that each book is placed in its designated shelf or row by utilizing RFID cards and receivers.

With RFID cards embedded at the back of each book and RFID receivers positioned in the respective shelves or rows, the system detects the correct placement of books. Whenever a book is mistakenly placed in the wrong self or row, the system provides real-time indications such as “Right,” “Wrong Position,” “Wrong Shelf,” or “Wrong Rack.”

To facilitate seamless monitoring and reporting, the project incorporates a PHP website that displays the status of book placement. The website acts as a centralized hub, allowing library staff to quickly identify and rectify any misplacements, ensuring a well-organized library collection.

By leveraging Arduino, RFID technology, and PHP integration, the Library Management System optimizes book organization and streamlines shelf monitoring. It eliminates manual errors and significantly reduces the time and effort required to maintain an efficiently organized library.

Additional Information

Software :-

  • Arduino IDE
  • Database PHP myadmin
  • Web PHP

Hardware :-

  • Arduino
  • Multiple RFID cards and Receiver
  • Wi-Fi Module ESP8266


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