Smart Alarm Using Arduino


An Arduino-based system that syncs with Google Calendar, providing event-based notifications through an intuitive buzzer interface.

Project Information

The Smart Alarm project seamlessly integrates Arduino with Google Calendar to create a dynamic alarm system. This innovative project enables users to receive event-based notifications through a buzzer, keeping them informed and on schedule.

By connecting the Arduino to Google Calendar via IFTTT (If This Then That), the project leverages the power of cloud-based automation to monitor calendar events. Whenever a scheduled event occurs, the Arduino receives a signal and activates the buzzer, providing an audible alert to the user.

The project utilizes Blynk software to streamline the interaction between the Arduino and the Google Calendar events. With the Smart Alarm using Arduino, users can effortlessly manage their time and stay informed about upcoming events. Whether it’s meetings, appointments, or important deadlines, this project ensures that you never miss a beat.

Additional Information

Software :-

  • Arduino IDE
  • Blynk

Hardware :-

  • Arduino
  • Buzzer
  • Wifi Module (ESP8266)


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