Smart Android Control Lock using Arduino


Experience automated security with our Smart Android Control Lock: An Arduino-based project that combines servo motor technology, Bluetooth connectivity, and intuitive mobile application control for effortless locking and unlocking.

Project Information

The Smart Android Control Lock project combines the power of Arduino, a servo motor, and Bluetooth connectivity to create a cutting-edge locking system. This innovative project provides a secure and convenient way to lock and unlock using a mobile application. With the mobile application acting as the control interface, users can effortlessly lock and unlock the system.

The Bluetooth HC05 module establishes a wireless connection between the mobile application and the Arduino-based lock mechanism, ensuring seamless communication. The project utilizes a servo motor for the locking mechanism, providing precise and reliable locking and unlocking functionality. When instructed through the mobile application, the servo motor moves to either the locked or unlocked position, securing or releasing access to the desired area or object.

Arduino serves as the intelligence behind the lock, ensuring smooth operation and accurate execution of commands. The mobile application provides real-time indication of the lock’s status, allowing users to easily determine whether the lock is in the locked or unlocked position.

Additional Information

Software :-

  • Arduino IDE
  • Android APK (Application)

Hardware :-

  • Arduino
  • Bluetooth HC05
  • Servo motor


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