Society management system using Java thyme leaf


The Society Management System is a web-based platform that simplifies communication, facilitates complaint management, and enables online bill payments for residents.

Project Information

The Society Management System is a comprehensive website designed to efficiently manage and streamline various aspects of a residential society. It provides a user-friendly interface where residents can register and log in to access a wide range of features and services.

The system is primarily divided into two user roles: administrators and residents. Administrators have exclusive access to the backend of the system, allowing them to add and manage important notifications and announcements for the residents. They can post notices regarding upcoming events, maintenance schedules, policy updates, and other relevant information.

Administrators also have the ability to generate and send complaint notices to residents in case of any issues or violations. Residents, on the other hand, can log in to the system and view all the notifications and updates posted by the administrators. They have a centralized platform where they can easily access important information without the need for physical notices or manual communication.

Additionally, residents can submit complaints or raise concerns through the system, ensuring effective communication and prompt resolution. One of the key features of the Society Management System is the integrated online payment functionality. Residents can conveniently pay their monthly bills, maintenance charges, or any other dues through the website. This eliminates the need for manual cash transactions and provides a secure and efficient payment process.

Additional Information

Software /language :

  • Java
  • API – Database


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