SP120-Artificial Intelligence of Things Wearable System for Cardiac Disease Detection


This study proposes an artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) system for electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis and cardiac disease detection. The system includes a front-end IoT-based hardware, a user interface on smart device\’s application (APP), a cloud database, and an AI platform for cardiac disease detection. The front-end IoT-based hardware, a wearable ECG patch that includes an analog front-end circuit and a Bluetooth module, can detect ECG signals. The APP on smart devices can not only display users\’ real-time ECG signals but also label unusual signals instantly and reach real-time disease detection. These ECG signals will be uploaded to the cloud database. The cloud database is used to store each user\’s ECG signals, which forms a big-data database for AI algorithm to detect cardiac disease. The algorithm proposed by this study is based on convolutional neural network and the average accuracy is 94.96%. The ECG dataset applied in this study is collected from patients in Tainan Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare. Moreover, signal verification was also performed by a cardiologist.


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