Stepper Motor Control using Arduino


The Stepper Motor Control Project enables precise control over a stepper motor’s movement using Arduino, providing accurate positioning and adjustable speed for various applications.

Project Information

Our Stepper Motor Control project leverages the power of Arduino to provide seamless control over a stepper motor, enabling precise movement and versatile functionality. With the integration of two switches, a potentiometer for speed control, an LCD screen for display, and a motor driver, this project offers a comprehensive solution for Stepper motor control.

The first switch in the project operates in conjunction with a potentiometer, allowing users to adjust the speed of the stepper motor. By varying the potentiometer, the speed can be fine-tuned to meet specific requirements.

The second switch is a pushbutton switch that introduces additional functionality to the system. In the first position, when pressed, the motor runs at full speed in the forward direction. Similarly, in the second position, the motor rotates in the reverse direction at full speed.

The  speed of the motor will be displayed on the LCD screen

Additional Information

Software : Arduino IDE

Hardware :

  • LCD screen
  • motor driver
  • switch
  • potentiometer
  • Arduino
  • stepper motor.


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