Vehicle Tracking Android Application


Vehicle Tracking App: Seamlessly track and locate vehicles in real-time using Firebase database and Google Maps API

Project Information

Vehicle Tracking App is a comprehensive and user-friendly project designed to enable real-time tracking of vehicles using the power of Firebase database and Google Maps API. This innovative app consists of two interfaces catering to different users:

For regular users, the app provides a seamless experience by allowing them to log in and view the locations of nearby vehicles on an interactive map. This feature enhances convenience by helping users identify the closest available vehicle and plan their transportation accordingly.

On the other hand, for vehicle owners or operators, the app offers a specialized interface that continuously sends the vehicle’s location to the Firebase database at regular intervals of 10 seconds. This ensures that the vehicle’s position is accurately recorded and updated in real-time, providing precise tracking information to the users.

By integrating the powerful Google Maps API, users can easily visualize the vehicles’ locations, track their movements, and make informed decisions. The Firebase database acts as a reliable backend solution, storing and updating the vehicle location data efficiently.

Additional Information


  • Google maps API
  • Firebase database
  • Android studio


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