Water Level Controller using 8051


Water Level Controller based on 8051 microcontroller, With LED indicators and automatic pump control, it ensures optimal water management. Upgrade to our Project Kit, featuring an LCD module and float switches for precise monitoring and motor control. Effortlessly maintain water levels and prevent overflow or shortages.

Project Information

A water level controller using the 8051 microcontroller is showcased in this project. While many water level controller projects have been featured on this website, this is the first one that incorporates a microcontroller. The controller effectively monitors the overhead tank’s water level, automatically activating the water pump when the level falls below a preset threshold. Utilizing 5 LED indicators, the tank level is visually displayed, and the pump is deactivated once the tank is full. Additionally, the pump is prevented from starting if the sump tank’s water level is low, and it is turned off when the sump tank level drops during a pumping cycle.

Explore our Online Store to purchase the Project Kit for this Water Level Controller, offering a modified version of the aforementioned project. This kit employs 4 float switches for precise water level measurement and features an LCD module to indicate both the tank’s water level and the motor’s status. With its intelligent monitoring system, the controller automatically activates the motor when the tank is empty and switches it off once the overhead tank or container reaches full capacity.

Additional Information

Language used:- EMBEDDED C


  • IC 1 AT89C51
  • Transistor (2N2222)
  • Resistor (100 ohm)
  • Resistor (8.2k ohm)
  • Resistor (10k ohm)
  • Capacitor (10uF/10V)


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