Automated Fan With Temperature Using Arduino


The Automated Fan with Temperature Project creates an intelligent cooling system by adjusting the fan speed based on the detected temperature, providing enhanced comfort and energy efficiency.

Project Information

The Automated Fan with Temperature Project combines the power of Arduino with a temperature sensor (LM35) and a DC motor fan to create an intelligent cooling system. This project aims to maintain optimal temperature conditions in a given area or room by adjusting the fan speed based on the detected temperature.

The LM35 temperature sensor, known for its accuracy, continuously measures the ambient temperature. This real-time temperature data is sent to the Arduino microcontroller, which acts as the control unit for the system. The Arduino analyzes the temperature readings and determines the appropriate fan speed required to achieve the desired comfort level.

The project focuses on convenience and adaptability. Users can easily set their desired temperature threshold through the Arduino, tailoring the system’s performance to their specific needs. The fan speed adjustments are automatic, eliminating the need for manual intervention and providing a hassle-free cooling experience.


Additional Information

Software: Arduino IDE

Hardware :

  • Temperature Sensor (LM35)
  • Fan (DC motor)
  • Arduino


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