HP1102-Mini 20 Liter Solar Water Heater for Rooftop


Water heaters consume a large amounts of electricity for heating water. Traditional heaters require heating coils to heat up water using a minimum of 2000Watt for the process. Well when we use solar energy for water heating it requires around 30 to 50 watt of power saving more a lot of energy.

We here develop a more efficient solar water heater to heat up water at a faster rate using efficient coiling along with heat trapping and reflecting mirrors. The water heater can more efficiently heat up water at a faster pace than traditional solar water heaters.

The system makes use of steel pipes coiled together for passing water through them. The pipes are heated by solar rays directly falling on them. We additionally use a metal plate behind the pipes with a black paint to absorb the rays passing through in between pipes. Over this we use 2 additional reflective sheets to gather and reflect additional solar rays over the pipes. This system heats up the pipes thus heating up the water passing.

We now have a water tank for water storage. The system makes use of a Pump motor to pump water through the pipes. It is a low power motor which needs external power supply of up to 50 Watts. The motor drives water from the pipes through the heating pipes and right back into the tank thus heating the water continuously.

The water in the tank can then be used through a third outlet for usage. Thus the system provides a highly efficient solar water heater that saves over 99% energy as well as serves warm water instantly.


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