Industrial Timer using Arduino


Enhance time management in industrial settings with our Industrial Timer: An Arduino-powered system featuring a display, relay module, and intuitive buttons for precise time adjustment and efficient control

Project Information

The Industrial Timer project utilizes Arduino to create a versatile and user-friendly timer system. Featuring a display, a relay module, and four buttons (+, -, Set, and Reset), this project offers precise time management capabilities for various industrial applications.

With the + and – buttons, users can easily increment or decrement the timer duration, allowing for precise control over time intervals. The Set button initiates the timer, starting the countdown, while the Reset button restores the timer to its initial stage, ready for the next cycle.

Designed with industrial applications in mind, this project offers a robust and user-friendly solution for managing time-critical operations. Whether it’s controlling production cycles, scheduling maintenance tasks, or optimizing operational workflows, the Industrial Timer using Arduino ensures accurate and efficient time management.


Additional Information

Software :-

  • Arduino IDE

Hardware :-

  • Arduino
  • Relay Module
  • 4 Digit 7 Segment display TM1637
  • Push Buttons


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