Mobile Control BOT using Arduino


Take control with our Mobile Controlled BOT: An Arduino-powered project featuring a Bluetooth-connected BOT with two wheels, allowing seamless movement and direction control via an intuitive Android application.

Project Information

The Mobile Control BOT project combines the power of Arduino with a Bluetooth receiver (HC05) to create a versatile and interactive robot. This two-wheeled BOT is designed to be controlled remotely using an Android application, establishing a seamless connection via Bluetooth.

With its user-friendly interface, the Android application empowers users to effortlessly control the movement and direction of the BOT. By simply sending commands through the application, users can make the BOT move forward, backward, turn left, turn right, and perform other predefined actions.

The integration of Arduino as the control unit ensures smooth and precise execution of commands, allowing for accurate navigation and maneuverability. The Bluetooth receiver (HC05) establishes a reliable wireless connection between the Android application and the BOT, eliminating the need for physical wires and providing freedom of movement

Additional Information

Software :-

  • Arduino IDE
  • Android APK (Application)

Hardware :-

  • Arduino
  • Bluetooth HC05
  • BOT with 2 wheels


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