Restaurant management system using C++


The Restaurant Management System simplifies table reservations, menu ordering, and billing processes for a seamless dining experience.

Project Information

The Restaurant Management System is a user-friendly and efficient application designed to streamline operations in a restaurant setting. It provides an intuitive interface for customers to check the availability of tables and make reservations based on the desired date, time, and number of guests.

Once a table is booked, the system maintains a real-time status of table availability, ensuring smooth management of customer seating arrangements. The application also offers a comprehensive menu with detailed descriptions of available dishes and their prices. Customers can browse the menu, select their desired items, customize their orders if needed, and place them directly through the application.

The system automatically updates the inventory in real-time, keeping track of available stock and notifying the customer if any items are unavailable. To enhance customer service, the system provides notifications regarding the status of the reservation and any changes or updates to the order. It also calculates the total bill based on the selected items and displays it to the customer for review and payment.

Additional Information

Software / language :

  • C++
  • Data structure
  • Array


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